The strategic decision makers of your organization establish that it is the suitable moment to embrace change and:

    • Improve overall organization time to market;
    • Resolve strategic IT management issues;
    • Better integrate business with technology;
    • Align technical roadmaps with business needs;
    • Implement strategies to leverage the creation of value from the recent technological advances and innovations;
    • Streamline business processes improving corporate performance;
    • Define and implement an overall IT infrastructure responsive to global and local market cycles (i.e. totally or partially supported by dynamic business applications);
    • Design, create and maintain dynamic business applications to support one or more key activities of the value chain (from marketing, through sales to services);


When your corporation, approaching any strategic, operational, organizational or technological issue:

    • Cannot risk leaving unchecked any lever of competitive advantage;
    • Desires a unique and distinctive solution;
    • Is committed with a sharp execution, on quality, on time and on budget.


Keep it Simple’s work is most successful when working closely with clients who are dissatisfied with the status quo.


Lost time is never found again.

Benjamin Franklin