Global Practices

Keep it Simple has been working closely with clients to:


    • Improve overall organization time to market;
    • Define and resolve strategic IT management issues;
    • Better integrate business with technology;
    • Align technical roadmaps with business needs, training and empowering organizations on how to do it constantly;
    • Implement strategies to leverage the creation of value from the recent technological advances and innovations;
    • Streamline business processes and manage the change between the as-is and the to-be models;
    • Agile model and design mission critical applications, meant to support one or more activities of the value chain;
    • Develop dynamic business applications, building the necessary integrations with the surrounding information systems.


Our dedication to client confidentiality constraint us to take you behind the scenes of the average engagement; on the other hand, every one of our clients would be more than willing to share it’s experience with you.