Code of Ethics

Ethics is at the forefront of our business strategy. In a market driven by increased competition and new streams of business opportunities, breaching the most basic ethics code can be viewed by some as an easy solution to make short-term profit. We rigorously follow these tenets with our clients’ in order to protect their interests to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity:

    • Professionalism: Keep it Simple will conduct its activities in a manner that reflects favourably on the profession;
    • Integrity: Keep it Simple will conduct its business activities with integrity avoiding conduct that is deceptive or misleading;
    • Competence: Keep it Simple will perform all project consulting assignments competently, and with an appropriate degree of knowledge, thoroughness and urgency;
    • Objectivity: Keep it Simple will exercise objective and impartial judgment in each project consulting assignment, giving due consideration to all relevant facts;
    • Accuracy: Keep it Simple will strive to be accurate in all communications with clients and encourage them to exchange relevant and precise information;
    • Conflicts of Interest: Keep it Simple will avoid, or resolve through disclosure and waiver, conflicts of interest;
    • Confidentiality: Keep it Simple will respect confidential information entrusted by it’s clients;
    • Loyalty: Keep it Simple will serve their clients loyally and protect client interests when performing assignments.